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East Coast Properties, LLC

East Coast Properties, LLC, was founded in 1984 by Cynthia Anselmo as a full service property management and real estate firm servicing Massachusetts-based condominium communities and recreational facilities. We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service. It is our purpose to assure our property owners and potential homeowners that we are both available when needed and eager to help. We strive to make homeownership an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Property Management

  • Maintenance Programs – We develop strategies that are designed to work within your set budget to maintain and improve the property and generate the greatest possible return on investment.
  • Inspections – On-site inspections are held periodically to ensure that building and grounds issues are addressed and corrected quickly.

Administrative Management

  • Meetings – Board Meetings are held on a monthly basis at each condominium we manage. Homeowner meetings are conducted annually.
  • Homeowner Conflict Resolution – Each homeowner complaint is logged and brought to resolution.
  • Legal and Collection – Outstanding receivables area pursued in a professional yet assiduous manner.
  • Communications – We handle all communications from homeowners and from the Trustees to the homeowners, including enforcement of the Rules and Regulations as directed by the Board of Trustees or Board of Directors of each association managed.
  • Web Services – Each managed association has its own website managed in-house at East Coast Properties where dates for Board Meetings and other community events are posted, as well as emergency guidelines, association documents and information on scheduled upcoming maintenance.

Financial Reporting

  • Budgeting – An accurate and detailed annual budget is prepared and reviewed with the Board Members to ensure successful financial management.
  • Operations – Financials are managed with state-of-the-art account software designed to detail income and expenses and to provide key reports.
  • Taxes – We provide financial records and work with certified public accountants in supplying information to provide Annual Reviews and corporate tax returns as required.
  • Monthly Reporting – Monthly Income and Expense Statements with accompanying backup is provided to Board Members for their review and approval.